Pride Vic run outreach and social programs where the focus is not solely placed upon a persons physical and/or mental health or age, but also works toward the acceptance of an individuals right to be involved within a community.

Pride Vic assist individuals in creating a more fulfilling lifestyle providing person centred approaches and person centred planning that promotes well being for people with disabilities and the aged, allowing individuals to feel empowered in being who they wish to be on a daily basis.

Pride Vic aims to deliver flexible, innovative and specialised support services tailored to individual needs, connecting individuals with GLBTIQQ and other communities, acknowledging individuals rights and freedoms to be who they wish to be.


Individuals have the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health without discrimination on the basis of disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity.


Facilitating social mentoring in conjunction with group based community skill development programs. Pride Vic promotes awareness of the GLBTIQQ and gender diverse communities right for the same entitlements and protections as all human beings.